About the game

"Chicken Out!" is a game concept developed for the 35th Ludum Dare, on April 2016. The main idea behind the game is the fact that many times, people who work out tend to forget 'leg day'. By doing so, they often end up looking like chickens, with skinny legs and a big, developed chest area. Our game takes that to the extreme, turning the players into chickens, who must now fight each other to decide who will exercise their legs first.


Here are some screenshots of the game!


To download the game, simply click this convenient "Download" labeled link! Let's be honest: No one reads these descriptions anymore - People just click the buttons. In light of that fact, we've made a whopping button to draw everyone's attention!


About the developers

The game was developed by a small team composed of 5 students: Filipe Fernandes, João Ricardo, Matheus Avellar, Thiago do Prado and Thiago Torres. Also, a special thanks to Marco Bittencourt for helping us out with the ideation process!