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Hey, there!

My name is Matheus Avellar and I'm a web, software and game developer!

I'm currently a Computer Science student and I love pizza above all things.

Feel free to check my curriculum vitae, if that's what you came here for. Otherwise, welcome to my website!


Solo project.

Web game to help young kids learn addition, focused on counting money. Check the live online version.

Sem Sol

Solo project.

Web service to inform which side to sit on a bus as to avoid being on the sunny side. Here's the link to it (limited amount of buses as of right now) and the project on GitHub.

Word Match

Solo project.

Duolingo-like website in which the user has to match the same word on different languages in order to progress. Available online (still a work in progress!) and as a GitHub project.

Brainfcensorship!uck Game Engine

Solo project.

An engine with which to program games solely using the brainfcensorship!uck programming language (or the alternative of my own creation, braincoitus). You can find it on GitHub.

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Battery Web App

Solo project.

My first attempt at creating a Web App, as well as using the new web Battery API. Check the live version (works best on battery powered devices!)


Solo project.

A CSS only version of a well-known coffee mug design. Available both on this website and over on Codepen.


Collaboration with jrflga and VictorFFernandes.

Android idle game made in Unity. The game's objective is to order triangles by their colors in order to go to the next level. Download it on Google Play or watch the trailer.


Collaboration with jrflga, MilenaCrivella and ViniciusApolinario.

Augmented Reality currency converter Android app, developed for SESI's 2016 Hackathon. Source code available on GitHub.

The Matrix Ending Scene

Solo project.

HTML / CSS / JavaScript version of the Matrix ending scene, with the numbers and such. Check out the online version or watch the scene I'm referring to on YouTube.

Periodic Naming

Solo project.

JS script to output a word using only the periodic table's elements' symbols. Check the live demo or the project on GitHub.

Set Language

Solo project.

Esoteric turing complete programming language with only one keyword. Check the GitHub repository or the live interpreter, done in JavaScript.

Portal 2 End Credits Scene

Collaboration with xBytez.

HTML / CSS / JavaScript version of the Portal 2 end credits song. Check out the online version, watch the scene I'm referring to on YouTube or check the project on GitHub.

You can check out my curriculum vitae here.

Or perhaps, find me on one of these fancy websites:

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